Learning about Machine Learning for Learning Learning

Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Analytics are all very hot topics in the tech industry right now.  Some say that the Data Scientist is going to be the role in the highest demand and some say that with Machine Learning and AI, there won’t be a need for a Data Scientist.  This will happen soon, they say.

I’m more interested in what Machine Learning, AI, Big Data and Analytics can do for the learning industry.  How can learning content be curated based on a learner’s current skill set and the skills of job they want to have and the delta between those skills?  (I love that word, “delta”, it’s so STEM! It’s a magic word, delta. Use it, and people will think you’re good at Chemistry and The Maths! Here’s the symbol: Δ. Look how smartsy fartsy I’m gettin’ here!) LinkedIn bought Lynda and now we are seeing courses recommended for us on our LinkedIn feed.

ASIDE: It’s interesting that people will pay for courses that are also available for free. That’s probably not the only thing that determines the value of online courses. After all, it is a tenet – somewhere – that people value things more when they have some skin in the game, maybe a little money or a credential.

Before you can make Machine Learning pay off for Learning Learning, you have to know something about Machine Learning.  Here are couple of Microsoft Virtual Academy’s free courses on Machine Learning. Now if I could just set aside enough time…so much to learn, so few ways of bending time and space so I can be in several places at once…is that how it works? I don’t know…delta…Δ