I speak geek and I like to know how the clock works.  What time is it? Time for change – always. When

I make complicated information easy to understand (well, I do my best).  I’ve produced video, interactive animation and graphics to support knowledge transfer of highly technical topics such cloud computing and building automation systems.

I’ve been an instructional designer for a long time…like since “microlearning” was called “just-in-time training”. When

I’ve created learning programs and content strategy for Microsoft, Quicken Loans, Amazon Web Services, and Honeywell.

I am currently working as a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft supporting Azure Media Services.

Tech stuff I know about:

  • Content strategy for business impact.  Meaning – make support overhead less expensive, and maybe help people to use a product with less frustration.
  • Cloud computing/architecture…basically playing with Data Legos.
  • Instructional design and eLearning that you can’t play in the background while you shop on Amazon in another browser tab.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) implementation, integration, and administration in anticipation of content creation in more than one nation.
  • xAPI and Learning Record Stores (LRS) -> I use GrassBlade LRS on this site. More on this later.
  • OOPs. HTML5, JavaScript, REST API, Python, Node.JS, other random code, and…uh…PHP…maybe…still…
  • DITA and structured documentation to occasionally feed my need for control.
  • Project management, ibid.
  • GitHub…because they are making me.
  • The entire Adobe playground.


I use this site for experimenting.

Things I do with it:

  • Track decentralized/informal learning with GrassBlade LRS.
  • Integrate it with Azure products so I can do my job better.
  • Experiment with (break) things.
  • Write blog posts about what I broke.


I live and work, along with my assistant, Miles Melvin Lala Potato, in the Olympic Penninsula, Washington, USA. I also like commas.

Miles Melvin Lala Potato

Microsoft CV

Prior work history available upon request. Find me on LinkedIn.