In-progress: two new paintings started, more planned

Two more paintings are in the works. Both of them use the grisaille technique. I plan to publish timelapse videos on YouTube once they are done.

One is a surreal visual representation of the Buddha conquering Mara story called “No mud, no lotus.” This one is using a combination of a sepia grisaille layer and a la prima.

The other is a butt with a blanket over it.  It is an exercise in painting fabric detail in oil. That one is using a gray grisaille layer.  The image isn’t appropriate for all ages, so if you would like to see it, request access.

I have a couple more on deck, I just need to be more disciplined about making time to paint and not spending that time messing around on the Internet.

Showing at Studio Bob

Two of my portrait pieces, Ujjwal and Neal, are in the Studio Bob Bring Your Own Art show this weekend.

Ujjwal, 2017 acrylic on canvas board
Neal, 2019, oil on canvas board