Ingrid Henkel CV

Content Strategy Program Manager for Microsoft

Currently managing program development and strategy for Windows Server 2022 and legacy versions, as well as Azure Media Services.

Academic Content Business Strategy Manager for Microsft Learning Experiences (LeX)


What is Microsoft Imagine Academy? MSIA is content for academic programs at the government, state, district and teacher levels.  Subscription model where user have access to teacher manuals, and online courses for learners K-12 and higher education institutions.
  • Developed Learning Pathways for MSIA Program which included the following tracks: Computer Science, Teacher Professional Development in Computer Science, Data Science (grades 9-12), and Productivity (MOS).
    • Negotiated with UCLA Mobilize Data Science program owners about using and adapting curriculum. Analyzed and planned replacement content that used Microsoft technologies.
    • Acted as stakeholder for Academic content development for K-12 and higher education learners as well as current Teacher Professional Development in Computer Science.
    • Planned deeper learning tracks for Teacher Professional Development per Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) and various US state and global standards.
    • Mapped MSIA course learning objectives with CSTA 2011, CSTA Interim 2016 and APCSF 2016 standards. Advanced Placement Computer Science Framework learning objectives.
    • Developed competency matrix for MSIA course ware (also used by Public Sector sales to speak to the concerns of institution stakeholders.)

Digital Literacy Program

What is Digital Literacy? The Microsoft Digital Literacy program delivers basic training on what it means to be a global digital citizen.
  • Lead team for retirement of outdated course ware including the transfer of content from a legacy delivery system and server to updated delivery system and server, in order to maintain continuity of program while new course ware was identified or developed.
  • Identified replacement course ware (IC3 from Pearson).
  • Negotiated use of white label content which would reuse audio but replace “talking head” visuals with animation that illustrated concepts.

IT Pro Learning Evangelist (Business Strategy Manager) LeX

  • Improved alignment of LeX with parent Developer Evangelism (DX) organization by providing visibility into the services and content development efforts of LeX so that they supported Developer and IT Pro Ascend and Ascene+ outreach.
  • Evangelising new content and features on Microsoft Virtual Academy.
  • Wrote articles on learning topics which were featured on my blog then promoted by the MVA communities and social media manager.
  • Completed study on the needs of IT Pros with Spiceworks, a leading network monitoring software company to inform content production.
  • Voice of the Customer monthly internal videos – video reporting on IT Pro customer needs and other updates.
  • Used Gartner study (gathered by marketing group), mapped/matrixed data on the transition of competencies from on-premises IT Pro to cloud competencies to inform Azure learning content for IT Pro audience.
  • Microsoft Ignite Conference:
    • Rose, Bud, Thorn – conducted interviews with IT Pros on training needs.
    • Gave a presentation on the Flipped Classroom model for MCTs (Microsoft Certified Trainers).
  • Contributed to Microsoft Virtual Academy and Certification V-Teams
    • Educated team on Kirkpatrick/Philips model of learning evaluation and ROI.
    • Contributed to decision making about badging and gamification strategies.
    • Suggested Azure certification delivery strategy to keep up with Agile methodology of software development.
    • Examined the validity of MVA metadata, naming schema, and data collection processes.
    • Wrote multiple audience level (stakeholder rationale to technical specification) documentation on the use of competency based metadata for both Microsoft Virtual Academy and Open edX (CMS of choice for LeX).
  • Demonstrated the business value of Sharepoint, xAPI, LRS, LMS, LTI Integration by using a learning record store, xAPI, and LTI integration with multiple learning management systems by delivering video on Sharepoint and tracking usage on a certificated, WordPress, GrassBlade, LearnDash integration.
  • Promoted news and information about women in STEM.
  • Mentor for summer Data Science intern.

Technical Writer CSI

Wrote technical documentation for Azure Active Directory and Active Direction Domain Services using Markup, Github and proprietary authoring applications.

Senior Instructional Designer, User Education and Support at Honeywell/Alerton

October 2012 – June 2015

Honeywell Energy Efficiency Optimization (EEO) Program

  • Created a training program that teaches HVAC professionals to leverage the changing (green) energy market and to pursue more comprehensive and holistic projects of higher value to their customers
  • Wrote EEO Program Instructor Led Training
  • Wrote EEO Toolset Tutorial
  • Created EEO EEM (Energy Efficiency Measure) educational videos, including writing, editing and voiceover
  • Developed EEO Sales Online Training
  • Developed EEO Program Certification Exam
  • Delivered online courseware with Adobe Connect
  • Facilitated classroom training at Honeywell training facility in Golden Valley, Minnesota

Learning Management System Migration

  • Completed due diligence process in choosing hosted solution for new learning management system that would not cause significant disruption to current training enrollment workflow
  • Moved curriculum, legacy content and user data from Moodle 1.9 hosted on an EC2 instance to a hosted solution provided by MoodleRooms

ACE Certification Curriculum Redesign

Overhauled ACE certification program targeted toward Alerton Certified Dealer service technicians, engineers, programmers and customers.  The goals of the new curriculum are to incorporate recently released new products included in a new building automation system (BAS) platform as well as updating delivery formats to Learning 2.0 standards.
  • Designed curriculum to meet higher order of critical thinking skills as outlined by Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Adapted classroom labs to online interactive training modules that allow the lab time to be used more effectively
  • Introduced DDC (programming) concepts earlier in the curriculum so learners have prerequisite skills before arriving in the classroom
  • Combined two instructor led training courses into one there by cutting the time to certification from up to 18 months down to ideal completion time of 16 weeks

Alerton Ascent Microsite

Created a website that delivers Just-In-Time training content to all sales and dealer audiences.  Content includes technical documentation, video training and sales assets.  Allows for multiple user authoring.

Instructional Designer at Amazon Web Services

August 2010 – July 2012
  • Developed New Hire Training for Sales and Business Development
  • Conducted Return on Expectations (ROE), Needs Analysis and Curriculum Inventory for AWS Training Program
  • Created a comprehensive (broad and deep) solution based, instructor led and online training course for Java developers, with measurable learning objectives and skill acquisition outcomes
  • Established single-source documentation for training materials with DITA to enable course materials to be delivered in multiple formats
  • Created video tutorials for educational marketing content
  • Developed a video player with a playlist that enabled direct linking to videos in the playlist, embedding and social network sharing and created a plan to track video viewing behavior with Urchin 7 in order to inform video production processes

Instructional Designer/Project Manager/ E-Learning Developer at Amazon

2009 – 2010
  • Technical project manager for the DITA project which involved moving help content out of a proprietary system and into the technical documentation standard
  • Scheduled and directed QA review of DITA transformed files exported from the Help Builder database Communicated problems with transforms to developer
  • Contributed input into the delivery design of the new help system
  • Technical project manager for the implementation of a CMS specially designed for DITA
  • Completed pricing negotiations with vendor resulting in a loss leader model reducing the cost of the CMS in the first year by $350k
  • Managed due diligence process in selecting a CMS
  • Scheduled implementation and oversee events once CMS has been purchased
  • Created video tutorials for Seller Central with a focus on contact reduction using Camtasia and Captivate, as well as S3 Cloudfront to deliver streaming videos and other media
  • Managed the localization and delivery of video content for the UK, DE, and FR operating units, with plans to manage the localization of videos for China and Italy

Owner, Multimedia Developer at Self-Employed

2007 – 2009
  • Created look and feel comps and actual graphics with Adobe Photoshop Developed back end functionality with PHP, MySQL
  • Gathered client requirements and wrote statements of work
  • Developed interactive front end design with Flash 8 and 9, AS2 and AS3

Multimedia Specialist Team Leader at ePrize

2007 – 2007
  • Oversaw the production of interactive online promotions Responsible for managing the Multimedia Specialist Team. Created processes for tracking the completion of assigned projects
  • Wrote functional and technical specifications for new and proposed products
  • Facilitated communication between teams, project managers, alternate teams and company stakeholders Met with other team leaders to improve overall company processes
  • Acted as consultant for product development
  • Provided constructive feedback and support to team members

Business Systems Analyst at Quicken Loans

2005 – 2006
  • Quicken Loans/Rock Financial Business Systems Analyst
  • Managed projects as they come in for the IS team with specific focus on Training
  • Responsible for collecting internal client requirements, analyzing business processes and applying technology to either make a business process more efficient, or more effective
  • Managed implementation of the TotalLMS purchased from SumTotal Systems Managed the due diligence process for choosing an LMS vendor
  • Designed and managed the Just In Time training project, written in PHP to be ported to .Net Sub-tasks of the above include:
  • Compared business needs with vendor offerings, and the cost of software with business value Analyzing and prioritizing needs of internal client in consideration with developer availability Writing the functional and technical specifications of systems built in-house
  • Ensured project deliverables arrive on time and within budget
  • Scheduled parts of the implementation with the appropriate team members
  • Consulted with systems architects on the design of systems especially when that system is affected by other systems
  • Was aware of other technology initiatives that may affect the project and synchronizing with these efforts Communicating with internal client on progress of project
  • Facilitated training and support for systems
  • Consulted internal clients to develop best practices for using systems

E-Learning Developer/Project Manager at Quicken Loans

2004 – 2006
  • Created online learning and designed content delivery system. Delegated responsibility to other developers on the CBT team
  • Responsible for producing online learning as well as designing the functionality of the content delivery system
  • Used previously acquired educational knowledge to work with instructional systems designer on the content of Sales Mastery focusing on making the learning fun, interactive, interesting and effective
  • Wrote, produced, directed, animated and provided voice talent for the Security Tutorials Became familiar with SCORM and AICC standards
  • Developed modules with Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8
  • Coordinated development efforts for producing content with team members, and developers in IT Wrote the functional specification for the system that delivered the content
  • Assisted with communicating client needs to OLAP engineers so that training data could be correlated with sales production metrics

Lead Designer at Quicken Loans

2004 – 2004
  • Created design, structure and navigation of the Rock Financial website working closely with the marketing project manager
  • Responsible for design decisions as they related to efficient navigation, usability, and search engine placement
  • Created graphical composites that were used by developers to produce the CSS required for the look and feel of the site, assisted with CSS writing
  • Coordinated development efforts for producing content with team members


Central Washington University Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Education with Art Teaching Minor 1996 – 1999