Shaka Player

Azure Media Services streaming with the Shaka Player

Basic Azure Media Services Streaming with clear streaming only. The streaming endpoint is stopped, so no videos are going to stream.

Website recycle

I let this site rot for so long it smelled like New York city summer garbage during a sanitation strike. Cobbler’s children have no Birkenstocks.

Lately, the content work for Azure Media Services (AMS) has gotten pretty architecturey. I’m writing about how to monitor the service as well as planning Learn modules.

Planning for Learn modules has made me think about how to present information to the learner from the most basic application of the service to the most advanced. It isn’t YouTube.  It’s what a YouTube would be built on.

I’ve been messing around with adding Azure Active Directory to this site in order to experiment with restricting pages to certain user groups. That led to checking with my ISP about what in the Sam Hell happened to my SSL certificate and how do I wake it from deep, death-like slumber. (No, I don’t host this site on Azure.)

Half the day was spent trying to figure out how to get back into wp-admin while the DNS entries I screwed up corrected themselves, and deactivating the WordPress AAD plugin I am now calling HAL.

Things were upgraded including the GrassBlade LRS – and deleted – like old portfolio sample pages and posts I probably shouldn’t have published in the first place.

The About page got a smoke-free edit.

I’ll be keeping post notes on the experiments here.

Anyway, post #1 done.